Making Camp Affordable

Many churches offer assistance with summer camp fees. Please ask your pastor or youth leader if your church provides scholarships. Camp Harmony offers the following opportunities for savings:
Get a FREE water bottle just for registering for camp!
Enjoy 10% off each additional summer camp after the first camp.*
*(excluding Day & Pre-K Half Day Camps)
Earn a $25 Gift Card when you bring a friend who has not attended a Camp Harmony event, retreat or camp in the past year. The referred camper may not be receiving a Camp Harmony scholarship and must put referring camper on the registration form where indicated. Gift cards can be used for any payment including camp store, camps and rentals.


You may register online any time or by mail with the form at the end of the printed brochure. A $50 non-refundable deposit ($20 for Day & Pre-K Half Day Camps) must be included with registration. You may pay by check or credit card. Every camper needs their own registration form.  We recommend full pre-payment to reduce time at registration.

Special Requests

Age requirements are determined by the grade completed in the previous school year. Please do not register for a camp that is not in your camper’s age group. We will ATTEMPT to honor requests for roommates (maximum 1 request) IF campers request each other on their forms. Changes or requests cannot be made within one week of camp date.


Registrations are accepted in order received. As registrations are received, a confirmation letter and other important information will be mailed including remaining balance, health forms, packing list, arrival and departure times, etc. for the camp(s) registered.


Assistance is available for campers with a financial need on a first come, first serve basis. A written request must be included with the registration in order to be considered. All persons applying for a scholarship are asked to pay at least a 25% portion of the registration fee. Requests must be made prior to arrival at Camp.